Your worst nightmare has just come true

Safety Lecture

Your worst nightmare has just come true.  Roads that tantalize your Porsche, begging to be driven better and faster, have betrayed your anonymity.  Somehow these seductive sirens have sacrificed you and your Porsche to those who would turn your transgressions into revenue. 

While the authorities are merely enforcing rules set for transportation of lesser ability and finesse, the law is the law, both clearly spelled out and posted.  Those who enforce the laws have seen the consequences of individuals who pushed the envelope.  They have no sense of humor, realizing that that families and lives can be ruined in a moment of ill-advised driving enthusiasm.

Our hero now sits at lunch, unaware of his impending doom.  As a type "A+" alpha wolf, he accelerates his modified Turbo early and often.  A wily veteran of these roads he now knows not to lead, but rather to follow in a series of catch up bursts that will yield the most driving pleasure for the least amount of exposure.  Previous journeys have resulted in tickets whenever he led his band of merry men.

Outside, the trip's originator and his wife are engaged in conversation with a state trooper.  The trooper was admiring the array of Porsches parked outside the restaurant.  He was a perfect gentleman and impressed with the group, as no radio calls were out for any possible infractions committed by Porsche drivers.

At the end of the very pleasant conversation which included the group's proof of longstanding support for the troopers, a request was made to say, "Hello," to our unsuspecting participant sitting in the restaurant.  The trooper caught on quickly recognizing that he was probably facing the candidate most likely to exercise his Porsche.  It was now the trooper?s mission to ensure the group?s safety for the remainder of the day. 

The trooper entered the room with the Porsche owners and boldly requested our hero by name.  He then began escorting him out of the room, explaining that some damage may have occurred to the Turbo parked on the street.  As they approached the exit, the trooper went on to explain how his earlier statement was a courtesy to the Turbo owner in order to avoid any embarrassment in front of his peers.

Our hero was now being told he was being arrested and would be hand-cuffed.  In his own words, Mr. Turbo acknowledged his guilt, but of which infraction?  He knew he did it, but what, where, and how was he caught?  As he put out his hands to receive the cuffs, the trooper apologized explaining that some of the other participants had put him up to performing the adrenaline inducing experience.

The net result was a calmer and safer afternoon of driving.  The turbo saw less boost than which it had become accustomed.  The safety talk had been most effective. 

That evening at the next destination the perpetrator and victim compared notes and had a good laugh.  Both sides exchanged facts and recognized the sobering effect of the incident. 

The story now goes down as another classic experience in a quarter century portfolio.   

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