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Momentum Porsche is host to many purest events such as "Day at the Track" and Porsche service clinics throughout the year.

Jack McCall - Ownership Experience Manager

One of events we will offer are the annual Ozark Porsche Trips held each year by Jack McCall. The purpose of this trip is to enjoy driving in its purest form. The perfect drive is neither the fastest, nor the slowest. The perfect drive is the triple distillation of automobile (Porsche), roads (Car and Drivers' Ten Best), and driver input (rhythm created by you). It is a rapport between you and your Porsche that transcends merely progressing toward a destination. It is an experience that demands your full attention and participation. It eliminates all external distractions including the routine stresses of occupation and responsibilities of today's fast pace world

These are the roads that showcase the engineering that separates Porsche's from all the other automobiles, and lifestyle from transportation. This experience will escape those who drive either too fast or too slowly. The speed freaks will be concentrating on survival, while the tortoises won't be concentrating on anything.

You will partake of scenery that could fill a photo album; food that justifies a few more pounds, and accommodations where your business is truly appreciated. Whatever level of excitement you are enjoying, the single most rewarding feature is the other participants. The common denominator being your Porsche, the shared experience has been and will be the creation of great and lasting friendships. Even with the super destinations, the journey is our primary reward.

"Description is difficult; explanation next to impossible. Why any otherwise normal adult would drive 756 miles to then begin a driving tour that blends the Cannon Ball Run and Fantasy Football with the strategy of a time-speed-distance road rally defies reason. McCall is a real veteran of the business, having served in various sales capacities throughout the country" excerpt from David Mathews of Panorama magazine.





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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
1)    Will I be asked to keep up with more experienced drivers?
2)    Can an experienced driver be challenged?
3)    Is this a couple's trip?
4)    What if my significant other doesn't like to ride with me?
5)    What are the accommodations like?
6)    Are meals included?
7)    Do I need to dress up for dinner?
8)    What about tickets and the authorities?
9)    Can I drive something other than a Porsche?
10)   Is it worth taking a week off?

A1)    No, in fact we divide into 3 car teams of like cars and like drivers.  There is also a pecking order within the group to further accommodate driving preferences. 

A2)    Davy Jones, who was the last American driver to win Le Mans (in a Porsche of course), said he had no idea that road driving could be so much fun.  Davy is returning for his 9th trip.

A3)    The group is mostly couples, but singles do not feel out of place.  Passengers who have never enjoyed being passengers actually get into the event and come away with a better understanding of the driver's passion.

A4)    There are flights to four different airports in the area.  Big Cedar Lodge provides spa, stables, marina, etc.  Branson is 20 minutes away.

A5)    Most participants go back to Big Cedar with their families; it has been referred to as America's premier wilderness resort.  The Lodge at Mt Magazine sits on Arkansas? highest elevation and has spectacular views.  The stone and log work is impressive.  No one would ever guess the Lodge is state owned.

A6)    Depending on how long the caravan takes to get to the first night's stop will determine the possibility of a real meal.  All the dinners are included.  All breakfasts with the possible exception of the final departure day are included.  Your proximity to the Ozark Café will determine the number of lunches provided, but it's unlikely that you'd miss more than one.  There is also the probability that two of the meals will be cook outs.

A7)    Dress is extremely casual.  Blue jeans are appropriate for everything.

A8)    We contribute heavily to the Arkansas state troopers.  You will receive a window sticker and copy of the full page ad in their magazine.  We also participate in Garland and Newton counties.  This is not a license to speed, but if the infraction is minor we do appreciate a little consideration.  If you're doing something stupid, expect a ticket.  Jack has the cell phone number of one of the troopers should the need arise.  The past three years we've averaged 1.3 tickets per year.  That breaks down to one ticket every 43,125 miles driven.  Not bad.

A9)    NO

A10)    One participant said, "I can afford to do what I want, and I've been to a lot of great places, but I've never had more fun."  No one has the time to do this, but once they've done it, they make time in their busy schedules.

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