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Porsche cars and SUVs meet demands on many levels. Eye candy, even the largest is beautiful to look at. Fast, even the most utilitarian model will drive like a sports car. Comfortable, even the most driver-centric models don't skimp on ergonomics and design. Enjoy a look at these reviews, do some window-shopping, and enjoy learning how dreams can become a reality.


Take a Number

When somebody says take a number, you are sure to yes if that number belongs to the Porsche 718 or Porsche 911. The 718 comes in Cayman, Boxster and GTS models, offering to run the sprint in 4.4 seconds. The 911, a classic before it ever leaves the factory, now comes in eight incarnations include Carrera, Targa, Turbo, GTS, GTS, and GTS RS. Horsepower starts at 365 and climbs several times before reaching 540, 607 and even 700. There are so many horses under the hood of these cars, you’ll wonder how they can still make it so small and sleek. The fastest one can sprint from 0 to 60 in 2.7 seconds.

Sedans on Tap

If a sports car isn’t big enough, surely the Panamera will do. This luxury sedan doesn’t ask you to slow down. These engines have high horsepower to please the most ardent driving enthusiast. Rear wheel drive may appeal to the race car driver in you. The Panamera 4 has all-wheel drive, giving it that European feel. If you want a family oriented wagon, the Panamera 4 Sport Turismo provides Porsche sedan style in a convenient hatchback. At the top of the pyramid, the Panamera Executive will make four passengers feel like they are in their own private jet.

SUVs at the Ready

The handsome Macan is neat and tidy. If you need an SUV but you aren’t trying to bring a crowd, this SUV is the perfect size. With so much Porsche technology in play, the Macan driver commands the road. It brings pleasure to your daily commute and looks amazing in your executive parking space. If you may need to bring the family, the Cayenne may be more your speed. Fortunately, it, too, comes packed with Porsche know-how. Carlike handling lets you hug the curves. Porsche calls it a sports car for five. Many engine choices let you go from woah to wow in record time.

Considering the many choices, there's a perfect Porsche for you in this lineup. Just take some time for a test drive at Momentum Porsche.

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