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Momentum Porsche is proud to be the only retailer in Houston to offer you Griot's Garage products to help you maintain the beauty inside and out of your Porsche. Check out our product inventory below. You can order online
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   Wheel Cleaner
A Safe And Powerful Biodegradable Cleaner
This wheel cleaner is made from premium biodegradable ingredients and is safe for all types of wheels. More importantly, it's safe for you and the environment. Any wheel cleaner that boasts spray-on, spray-off with no rubbing is a danger to you and our planet. Unique penetrating formula requires far less effort when cleaning wheels. The high concentrate allows the cleaner to hang on the wheel longer to clean stubborn brake dust, road oils and other deposits. A superior product with no expense spared toward the ingredients.

#11106 35 OZ - $9.99
# 11107 Gallon - $29.99
#11164 8 OZ - $4.99

  Chrome Wheel Cleaner
Perfect Care For Chrome Wheels
Griot's Garage Chrome Wheel Cleaner is safe for cleaning all of today's chrome wheels and your old school chrome wire wheels. We've taken the natural approach and used the power of citrus oil to formulate a powerful cleaner that's safe and effective. Chrome Wheel Cleaner will remove brake dust deposits, heavy road oils and other contaminants without damaging your chrome wheel's finish. When compared to other cleaners you won't get knocked out by the smell... ours is actually pleasant and non-offensive. Please don't use it on polished, raw aluminum wheels as it may discolor them. 35 Ounce bottle does not include Finest Sprayer.

#11030 35 OZ - $9.99
# 11032 Gallon - $29.99
Long Reach Wheel Scrubber Brushes,
Set of 3
A Gentle Yet Effective Wheel Cleaning Brush For Those Hard To Clean Wheels So many of today's wheel designs are beautiful to look at but a nightmare to clean. Especially the back side of a wheel which is usually painted the wheel color and difficult to access. This tool is made from a soft, porous synthetic material that will grab grime and lift it off the wheel. Its wedge shape allows you to get into small areas. The handle is comfortable and molded to fit your fingers. The Long Reach is 12 1/4" long in case you have wide wheels. Great for motorcycle cleaning too.

#15736 - $12.99
Metal Polish, 2.5 Ounces
Clean, Polish & Protect Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Chrome, Copper, Brass And More
This ultra fine polish produces a mirror finish. Special polishing agents restore the original brightness without scratching. Anti-oxidizing ingredients provide a barrier that assures lasting protection. Perfect for use on all polished metals including stainless steel, aluminum, copper and brass. Also excellent for cleaning and polishing chrome, gold, platinum, fiberglass and plexiglas®. For best results, use with our 100% Cotton Wipes or our Metal Polishing Pads. Great for hand or orbital machine polishing applications.

#11238 - $9.99
  Micro Fiber Wipe Down Towel
Enjoy A Waffle Weave Wipe Down Towel That's The Perfect Size
It all started with Tim. He's a customer who loves our Micro Fiber Dry Towel but doesn't like staining his towels when he dries those tricky, hidden dirty areas of his vehicles, like wheels, doorsills, gutters, trunk and hood channels, doorjambs, etc. So I created a less expensive, smaller towel just for these areas that always have a little dirt and grime, even after a good washing. This towel is a perfect size, 18" x 24", so it is easy to use. Super absorbent, waffle weave pattern holds more water than a traditional cotton towel. Quality woven micro fiber, just like our big yellow Micro Fiber Drying Towel. Washing machine safe, but don't forget to use our Micro Fiber & Foam Pad Cleaner.

#11239 - $7.99
   Rubber Prep, 16 Ounces
"A Little Less Conversation And A Little More Action..." Elvis Presley "Rubber Prep, A Little Less Rubbin' And A Lot More Action!" Richard Griot

We sell two excellent products for cleaning rubber. There's our Rubber Cleaner, to do regular cleaning when you wash your vehicle's tires, hoses, seals and trim moldings; then there's our new Rubber Prep for serious cleaning. It even removes that "Wet & Sticky Shine" you see on every dealership's used car lot. (I mean, really guys, what's up with that look? Do you really want to fling blobs of sticky gunk all over your paint or get it on your pants?) Rubber Prep strips away, silicones, sealants, waxes, oils, greases and prepares the rubber so you can achieve the best results with our Rubber Dressings for an even, consistent look and maximum protection. Tired of that brown film on your tires? How about that grey film or water drop staining on your rubber trim? With just a couple of swipes, it will be gone. A quick application of Rubber Prep will leave you with a virtually new surface, perfectly prepared for our Vinyl & Rubber Dressing, Long-Lasting Tire Dressing or Tire Rejuvenator. Odorless and ultra low VOC's so it's environmentally friendly. Works great on vinyl, too! Includes a yellow applicator sponge.

#11071 - $14.99
  Rubber Cleaner
Clean And Properly Prepare Your Tires And Rubber Trim Before You Apply A Dressing
For any type of protectant to work well on rubber and look good, the rubber must first be properly cleaned. Griot's Garage Rubber Cleaner removes any old silicone, waxes and dead rubber from the surface and properly prepares your rubber for the use of protectants. Follow up with our Vinyl & Rubber Dressing for a clean professional look! Both are biodegradable. 35 ounce bottle does not include Finest Sprayer.

#11136 - 35 oz $9.99
#11137 - Gallon $29.99
Long-Lasting Tire Dressing, 8 Ounces
Keep Your Tires Looking New With Our Long Lasting Tire Dressing
Our exclusive Long Lasting Tire Dressing is specifically designed for tires and the tough environment they are exposed to. If you live in an area where it rains a lot you enjoy knowing that Long-Lasting Tire Dressing is water repellent so it still looks great even after a rain storm or a good wheel cleaning. You've seen other dressings that are greasy and oily and fly off of your tires and onto your wheels and paint; our dressing stays put. Being a super thick fluid, it's easy to apply using our Blue Detail Sponges or Dressing Applicator. This eliminates overspray, drips, and marks on your driveway that spray-on products leave behind. As for gloss? It's all up to you. Want a nice black, satin finish? After application, give a quick swipe with a disposable towel and your tires will have a natural rubber look. Want a mega-glossy finish? Apply two or three coats and don't touch it. For your expensive tires, I know of no better product on the market. It's also a great dressing for rubber bumpers and black plastic trim. Use it on your plastic engine parts, too!

   Tire Rejuvenator, 8 Ounces With Blue Detail Sponge
This Dressing Provides A More Permanent "Black" In Tough Weather Situations
This dressing gives you an awesome looking matte-black tire whose look will last up to three months! Think about it, no more putting tire dressing on each and every time you wash your car or drive through inclement weather! Just apply the creamy tire dressing with our enclosed sponge and within minutes you have a perfect looking tire. Our non-silicone, water-based UV protectant formula is a black dye. It won't fly off, attract dust or make your pants dirty if you accidentally come in contact with your tire. Includes our Blue Detail Sponge for application. Not for use on whitewalls.

  Vinyl & Rubber Dressing
Enhance And Protect All Your Vehicle's Vinyl, Rubber And Plastic Parts With The Finest Dressing Available
This product is superior when judged against all other rubber and vinyl protectants. Professional results on interiors, exterior trim, tires and the plastic and rubber parts in your engine bay. You'll enjoy how quickly it dries on your tires leaving behind a smooth satin finish. A perfect finishing touch on your dash and door panels without that goopy gloss left behind by those other dressings. It contains no harmful additives, petroleum distillates, waxes or other dangerous solvents that can dull the surface of vinyl and rubber over time. Special UV blocking agents leave behind a protective coating to help keep your vinyl and rubber parts from cracking, fading and hardening. Cleans and protects in one step leaving behind a non-greasy, satin finish; the way rubber and vinyl are supposed to look! Keep your tires, interior and engine bay looking factory fresh. Best when applied with our Blue Detail Sponges. A favorite at Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance. 35 ounce bottle does not include Finest Sprayer. Also available in convenient Pop Up Wipes.

#11169 35 oz $29.99
#11173 8 oz $9.99
#11175 Gallon $89.99


Car Wash
The Most Important Step In Proper Exterior Car Care Is A Safe And Thorough Cleaning
This is the MOST important step for paint preservation, yet many people overlook this crucial element when caring for their finish. Many of the mild scratches you see in your finish are from aggressive washing. The dirt acts like sandpaper, scratching the finish while you're rubbing the surface of your vehicle. Be gentle while washing, and frequently rinse out your mitt or brush during the cleaning process. With our Car Wash, the first thing you'll notice is how slippery it acts between your wash mitt and the paint. This is an important characteristic of our Car Wash and contributes to its ability to lift away contaminants while protecting the finish during your washing therapy. Car Wash is gentle on your wax, yet removes more dirt and road grime than any car wash I've tested. Safe for all paints. We've included a unique measuring scale right on the 16 ounce bottle's label and an easy pour spout to reduce waste. Save some money, buy it by the gallon, and refill your bottle. Our Car Wash is environmentally friendly too.

#11102 16 oz $7.99
#11103 Gallon $39.99


The Ultimate Car Wash Bucket
Treat Yourself To The Nicest Car Wash Bucket You'll Ever Use. A Griot's Garage Exclusive!
This truly is the Ultimate Car Wash Bucket. Here are five important and unique features that I think you'll appreciate... It has a lower grill so the heavy debris falls to the bottom and won't allow your wash mitt to pick it up again. There is a molded-in measuring cup (patented design) in the grill for you to dispense the proper amount of Car Wash each and every time. No more guessing, no more wasting product. The top sieve allows your wash mitt to lay on it without dripping over the side of the bucket. The 2" casters are included so you can push the bucket around with your foot if your hands are full. The heavy-duty molded plastic tub holds a massive six gallons of water, has hash marks in liters and gallons on the inside wall, and has a wonderful form-fitting handle. The bucket is 19" wide, 9" across and a generous 9" deep. The snap-on lid keeps the water from splashing during transportation. The most well thought out wash bucket on the planet. Enjoy the best!


#67260 - 39.99
#66075 (w/Boar's Hair Brush) $89.99

   Micro Fiber Wash Mitts or Pads
A Super-Soft Micro Fiber Wash Mitt Or Pad That's Gentle On Your Paint And Rinses Free Of Dirt With A Quick Shake!
This is BY FAR the greatest wash mitt on the planet! Use it once and you'll understand the benefits of this style of micro fiber; it allows the mitt to hold more water yet rinses totally clean with a quick shake in your bucket. Hundreds of tightly-twisted, super-soft strands are extremely gentle on your paint; while the extra amount of water provides more lubricity across the paint. Plus it's machine washable! Two colors of mitts so you can use one for the dirty parts of the car and one for the hood, glass and roof. (Or one for real dirty SUVs, and one for your prized possession.) Choose from a set of two Wash Pads (my favorite) or a set of two Wash Mitts that have an elastic cuff to hold the mitt on your hand. (Notice it doesn't have a thumb area so it rotates in your hand to use both sides.) Measures 8 1/2" wide by 11" long. Enjoy the best!

#11290 - $11.99
Waterless Spray-On Car Wash
Safely Clean Your Car Without Water Or A Bucket!
There are some communities that have prohibited the use of the traditional "water hose and bucket" method to wash your car due to drought and water restrictions. There are also communities that don't want the run-off going into the storm drains. How about when it's freezing outside but you really want to wash your vehicle? Now what? Instead of whining about it, I developed a process that will leave your car spotless, even if you have a heavy road film on your vehicle! Simply squirt on Spray-On Car Wash and gently wipe off to a deep shine. Spray-On Car Wash clings to the side panels of your vehicle and breaks up the road grime quickly. It also has great lubricity, wipes off easily, and buffs out to a fantastic shine. What can I say? It works so well, and is so gentle to the environment, it's even green! I strongly recommend using it with our specially developed Spray-On Car Wash Cloths. These cloths are incredibly soft and keep potentially harmful grit away from the paint surface. Refill Kit includes 35 ounce and gallon of Spray-On Car Wash and our Finest Sprayer.


#11065 35 oz $14.99
#11066 Gallon $39.99
  Micro Fiber Drying Towel
Super-Absorbent And Extra-Soft Drying Towel Is Safe And Fast On Your Vehicle's Fine Finish
This micro fiber, waffle-woven material is guaranteed to become your favorite drying towel. It makes one of those tedious, not-so-fun cleaning chores go by faster and safer. The unique weave reduces the friction on your paint so it's kind and gentle but still retains all the benefits of absorbing water. We've gone ahead and made the towel in yellow with black trim so everyone in your household will know it's for car drying only. (I have family sit-down meetings on this sort of thing.) I'm amazed at how much water these towels picked up! Want another reason to buy them? Take a closer look at the photo. I've sewn pockets into the towel so it can remain firmly in your hands as you pick up every drop of water quickly and easily. If you've read the copy this far, and I still haven't convinced you to buy this towel, you'll be happy to know that this is my favorite way to thoroughly dry any vehicle. I like them so much that a set hangs in my bathroom. They are that nice. Enjoy my pursuit of perfection. 25" x 35". Guaranteed to become your favorite, too. Wash with our Micro Fiber & Foam Pad Cleaner.
#11117 - $26.99

   Paint Prep, 35 Ounces
Use Paint Prep To Remove Old Wax And Polysilicones For A Squeaky Clean Start Before You Polish And Wax
If you've been using other brands of polish and wax, they may contain silicone and synthetic oils. Our car care system doesn't bond with these silicone-laden products. It's important to use Paint Prep to remove all of the old waxes, polysilicones and oils so our care products can properly bond to the surface. Paint Prep is easy to use and is safe for vinyl and rubber. This is also the perfect prep for any painting project. Eliminates fish eyes that occur when silicone isn't cleaned from a surface before applying paint. Don't let your paint project be ruined by skipping this simple, yet important, step. Safely cleans walls and any painted surface too. 35 ounce bottle does not include Finest Sprayer. (Paint Prep is not for use on glass.)

  Paint Cleaning Clay
You Can Clean Paint Without Polishing And In A Fraction Of The Time With Our Amazing Paint Cleaning Clay
Regardless of how clean you think your paint is, there are still contaminants stuck on the paint that you need to remove before waxing or polishing your paint. Paint Cleaning Clay leaves behind an ultra-smooth surface that will make your wax adhere better and last longer, too. It also makes the wax much easier to buff out, reducing your "elbow grease" substantially. Clay is safe for all paint and also works great on glass to get it squeaky clean. To use, just remove the clay from the wrapper, spray the paint's surface with Speed Shine® (acts as a lubricating fluid), and slide the clay bar across the paint. No need to rub hard. When there is no drag your paint is clean! Wipe dry and your finish is like a baby's butt without the streaks. Unlike other cleaners and polishes, no buffing or hard circular motions are necessary. Follow up with any of our paint sealants or waxes. The large 8 ounce (226 gram) bar cleans about 7 vehicles, depending on the amount of contamination your surface is covered with. The results are amazing!

#11153 8 oz $19.99
  Speed Shine®
Speed Shine®... The Best Way To Quickly And Safely Clean Any Painted Surface
This is the finest spray and wipe cleaner and detailer available. I use Speed Shine® more often than any other car care product we make. It's a fast, safe way to keep any painted surface clean and brilliant. A perfect between-washes cleaner for your vehicles. A quick mist and light toweling removes dust and other foreign residue, leaving behind a brilliant surface. Forget about the puddle you just drove through, the dust cloud that landed on your paint or the bird that picked your car to relieve itself on. I keep Speed Shine® in my trunk to remove bird droppings as quickly as possible, before they etch the paint. The best part is that it only takes ten minutes to detail your entire car. Special lubricants won't scratch your paint's surface. Perfect for all paints, clear coats, wheels, chrome and exterior plastic trim. Extends time between washes! Speed Shine® is best used with our thick, blue Micro Fiber Speed Shine® Cloths. 35 ounce bottle does not include Finest Sprayer. Refill Kit includes 35 ounces and gallon of Speed Shine® and our Finest Sprayer.

#11146 35 oz $9.99
#11144 8 oz $4.99
11148 Gallon $29.99
Micro Fiber Speed Shine® Cloths, Set of 3
Insanely Thick And Soft Micro Fiber Speed Shine® Cloths
Developing the perfect towel, for a particular use, has been my never ending quest. Why is this important? Because, it makes a huge difference in how your "surface product" (Speed Shine®, polishes, waxes and water) buffs out, and whether or not they damage your delicate surface. That's why you'll see many specialized cloths throughout our website. When it comes to buffing out Speed Shine®, our most popular quick detailing product, I really nailed it this time. These cloths are insane. The nap is plush and ultra-thick to cushion your paint and hold foreign objects deep in the nap so they're not dragged across your paint. They are also highly absorbent which aids in buffing out the Speed Shine®. This is THE softest micro fiber towel known to man! Washable, to use over and over again. Set of 3, 15 3/4" x 15 3/4" cloths.

#11231 $ 16.99

  Machine Polish & Wax Kit

Easy & Fun To Use Machine Polishing & Waxing Kit
With our polish and wax kit, there isn't a safer or quicker way to keep your car's paint looking perfect! Begin by using the Paint Cleaning Clay and Speed Shine® for a fast, easy and thorough cleaning. Next, depending on how many swirl marks you need to remove, use Machine Polish 3 on the Orange Foam Polishing Pad. Want to remove even more swirl marks? Use Machine Polish 3 again and feel totally safe! For more severe surface problems you may purchase separately Machine Polish 1 or 2. Now protect your paint with Best of Show Wax® using the Red Wax Pad. Use Speed Shine® between washes to keep your paint clean and detailed. Complete instructions for proper orbital use are also included.

#11605 - (10ft cord) $199.00
#11605 - (25ft cord) $214.00
#11119A (w/o Orbital) $74.99
  Griot's Garage 6" Random Orbital
Perfect Your Paint With The Safe, Easy, And Swirl-Free Griot's Garage Random Orbital. The Industry Benchmark For Polishing And Waxing.
Engineered with a powerful 7-amp, 850-watt motor, this dual action orbital sets the bar when it comes to polishing and waxing paint. With 6 speed settings, a 5/16" diameter offset, and low-end torque, it is ideal for polishing and waxing at any speed.

#10765 - (10ft cord) $129.99
#10765 - (25ft cord) $144.99
   6" Orange Foam Polish Pads
The Perfect Pad For Machine Polishing
There's no faster way to safely apply polish and achieve professional results. Fast doesn't mean sloppy, either. The 6" Orange Foam Polishing Pad combined with our Random Orbital System puts down a thin, even coat. When used with our Machine Polishes, One-Step Sealant or Paint Glaze, your results will be phenomenal. Use this method once and you'll be addicted for life. The firm Orange Pad allows for proper polish application. Safe, easy polish application with professional results. Cleans up fast with water. You can also use these pads by hand using our Adjustable Pad Holder.

#10626 - $10.99
#11254 (set of 3) $28.99
   Machine Polish 1-4
The Perfect Polishing Companion To Our Orbital And The Safest Way To Remove Surface Scratches
Our machine polishes are different. They are created specifically for a random orbital machine (unlike other polishes that are created for straight drive machines) where the friction and temperature on the paint is almost non-existent. Our polishing granules are engineered to break down under light pressure, getting finer and finer as you use the polish. Our unique chemistry also does away with 50% of the old solvents, allowing you to clean up with water! No other polish does that. They are designed to be safe and effective at removing swirl marks and scratches from all painted surfaces. Always start with our very mild polish, Machine Polish 3, and repeat as often as you want, until the scratch is gone If you have severe oxidation or heavy scratches, drop down to Machine Polish 2, or our Machine Polish 1 if need be, then finish up with Machine Polish 3. Use ultra-fine Machine Polish 4 when you have nearly flawless paint and only have light swirls and toweling marks. (Like new cars that are delivered from the dealership.) It will eliminate those micro-fine toweling marks and swirls, especially in dark paints. I recommend having all four polishes on your shelf, so you can choose the perfect polish for the job. Follow up with our Paint Sealant, Carnauba Wax Stick or the fabulous Best of Show Wax® for a truly flawless finish.

#11161 Polish 1 (medium polish) $12.99
#11162 Polish 2 (mild polish) $12.99
#11163 Polish 3 (very mild) $14.99
#11091 Polish 4 (finest) $16.99
Micro Fiber Polish Removal Cloths, Set of 3
The Safe, Fast And Easy Way To Remove Polish
When using a cloth to remove polish it is imperative that you don't drag the polishing granules over the surface again. This is especially important when using an orbital because your surface will be essentially scratch free. There's no sense to put a micro scratch in it when it's blemish free! With these 16" x 16" Micro Fiber Polish Removal Cloths the non-abrasive, wedge shaped micro fibers, lift and trap polish; getting the used polish away from the paint. On close inspection, you'll notice that these cloths are different than the Micro Fiber Wax Removal Cloths. The nap is thicker allowing more polish to be held in the towel. Set includes three cloths, color coded for polish, One-Step Sealant or Paint Glaze removal (yellow with black trim). Don't ever use a polish cloth to remove wax. Sometimes polish residue gets left behind in the cloth and when buffing out
your wax you run the risk of introducing a polish.
#11115 $16.99
  Best of Show Wax®
Best of Show Wax® For Maximum Color, Depth And Clarity From A Liquid Carnauba Wax
Color, depth and clarity. Three factors any concours judge looks for when he's scrutinizing paint. Of the three, clarity (or lack of it, called "hazing") is the most important. Poor clarity is caused by cheap silicones, inferior sealants and poor chemistry. Best of Show® is a non-silicone, carnauba-based liquid wax that produces incredible color, depth and clarity with just one application. Concours participants will appreciate that even with multiple coats, surface clarity is retained, depth is enhanced and swirl marks disappear. Easy to apply by hand but best when applied by our Random Orbitals. The heavy carnauba content means a little goes a long way, and as long as it's put on thin, it's easy to take off. The paint surface should be washed and clayed before use. Best of Show® gives at least three months of protection, plus produces superior results at any concours event. Take your car to a new level of perfection. It will look the best it has ever looked. For best results, use the Red Foam Wax Pad by hand or better, with our Random Orbital. Enjoy the finest liquid carnauba wax available. We don't call it "Best of Show" for nothing.
#11171 $19.99
  Carnauba Wax Stick
arnauba Paste Wax In A Convenient To Use Dispenser! The Highest Grade Carnauba Wax Available For Months Of Protection & A Deep, Wet-Look Shine
Carnauba, in its natura
l state, is about as hard as a brick. When combined with the finest petroleum distillates, mineral spirits and other ingredients carnauba forms a rock-hard barrier that protects your paint. The smell is intoxicating! It's easy to apply and a breeze to buff off resulting in a brilliant shine. You can expect three to five months of protection with our high carnauba content. This is not a "cleaner wax", so use Paint Cleaning Clay and polish before applying Carnauba Wax. Best applied with our Red Foam Pads with our Random Orbital or by hand. Kit includes 3 Micro Fiber Towels, 3" Red Foam Pad with Holder and a 3.5 ounce Carnauba Wax Stick. As soon you use our awesome Carnauba Wax Stick, you'll wonder why no one thought of this easy-to-use container before! An innovative way to use the finest natural carnauba wax in the world.
#11085 - $12.99
   Spray-On Wax
Spray-On Wax For Wash-To-Wash Protection
Spray-On Wax, is just that. It is meant to get you from wash to wash with added protection. Think of it as a base wax enhancer. When used on a regular basis after each wash, you will be able to extend the life of your natural waxes and paint sealants. Apply it right after you've washed and rinsed your car. Just spray on and wipe off as you're towel drying your car. What could be simpler? Even if you didn't get all the dirt off every single area, it has enough lubricants to clean those areas up with your towel and leave behind a deep gloss. Speed Shine® should still be used between washes, but Spray-On Wax should be used after each wash. Spray-On Wax is a favorite of mine on cars and SUVs when I want a great shine but don't have the time to give a complete wax job. Now you can sleep at night knowing your paint is always protected with a minimum amount of work. The money-saving Refill Kit includes 35 ounces and gallon of Spray-On Wax and our Finest Sprayer. 35 ounces will do 12-15 vehicles.

#11098 35 oz $12.99
#11097 Gallon $34.99
   Paint Sealant
Paint Sealant For Your Every Day Driver
If you don't have the time to wax your car 3 to 4 times a year, park your car outside without a cover, occasionally drive your car through car washes, and want maximum protection from acid rain, fallout and bird droppings, then this is the product to use. Plus, why pay your dealer $300 - $600 to seal your paint when you can do the same thing for $17.99? Paint Sealant provides all the protection you need, yet still provides a high gloss finish that you only have to apply once a year. It's easy to apply by hand or with our random orbital machine using our Red Foam Pads, and even easier to take off leaving no residue! It has tremendous fill capabilities to hide many swirls marks! Use it on boats, motorcycles and RVs for complete protection.

#11088 - 16 oz $17.99
#11086 - 8 oz $11.99
   One-Step Sealant, 16 Ounces
One-Step Sealant Is A Polish And Protectant In One
All the benefits of our ultra-durable Paint Sealant combined with a gentle polish to remove scratches, oxidation and swirl marks while leaving behind protection for your paint for up to one year. Think of it as Paint Sealant with Machine Polish 3 added for a true One-Step Sealant! The best way to apply it is with our Random Orbital and Orange Polish Pads. You'll achieve spectacular results, while you remove oxidation, scratches and swirls. Even when you use it by hand, the results are amazing. Color, depth and clarity plus long term protection in one easy step.

#11075 - $14.99
  Foam Wax Applicator Pads
The Perfect Waxing Pads
There's no better way to apply wax to your finish. The soft, 6" diameter Red Foam Wax Pad puts down a thin, even coat that not only contributes to easy wax removal, but uniform color as well. When used with Best of Show Wax®, Carnauba Wax or Paint Sealant, I promise you'll cut your application time in half. Use this method once and you'll be addicted for life. The smaller 6 1/4" x 3 1/2" White Wax Applicator Pad is perfectly suited for our Best of Show® and Carnauba Wax. Delivers the correct amount of wax to tight, hard-to-reach areas of the paint's surface in a non-aggressive manner. Holds the wax on the surface (unlike cotton pads that soak up wax). Both pads are washable. Safe and easy for proper hand or machine orbital wax application.

#10628 - $12.99
#11271 set of 3 - $34.99
   100% Cotton Buffing Cloths, Set of 10
Diapers Are For Poo-Poo Only! Soft, All Cotton Cloths For A Safer Way To Remove Wax & Polish
Surprise! There is polyester in your "100% Cotton" diapers! Where? The two seams running through the middle and the outside binding are made of a polyester based thread! I've always stayed away from diapers because polyester can scratch your paint. Diapers are great for babies, but I have a better solution. Our Buffing Cloths are truly 100% Cotton. The cotton is woven from much longer yarns, making them softer and practically lint-free. With no stitching running through the middle, they are bound with 100% cotton thread. Be assured this is the finest cotton cloth available to remove polish and wax from your paint. Perfect for use with Speed Shine®, too. The 19" x 19" size is perfect for folding into quarters and buffing out wax for better clarity. Machine washable so they are kind to the environment and your wallet, too! Comes to you in a nice set of ten.

#11116 $16.99
   Interior Cleaner
Griot's Garage Clear Interior Cleaner Safe For All Your Cleaning Needs
There is no other interior cleaner like it in the world. Interior Cleaner has no dyes or other chemicals that could alter the color of the surface you are cleaning. Will not remove dyes, fade or spot. Oil, dirt and countless other stains lift right up with minimum fuss. You'll be amazed at how well Interior Cleaner works at removing stains from your carpets, floor mats, seats, fabrics, headliner, door panels, dash and leather! Yes, it's safe on leather too (it won't alter factory-dyed leather but may alter after-market-dyed leather, test a small area first.) Just spray it on and wipe it off with a clean cloth. Perfect around the house. Cleans floors, walls, cloth and just about every surface. Buy one for the garage and one for the house. Exclusively from Griot's Garage. Bottle does not include Finest Sprayer. Also available in convenient Pop-Up Wipes.

#11104 - 35 oz $9.99
#11105 - Gallon $29.99
   Leather Care Spray
A Fast Way To Replenish Vital Nutrients In Your Leather
It was a challenge to develop a leather treatment that replaced vital nutrients, dried clear on perforated leather, left a non-greasy, supple finish after the final buff and actually smelled like new leather. Our Leather Care does all of the above and will clean soiled leather surfaces! Perfect for newer leather. Which to use: Leather Care or Spray? Leather Care is a highly concentrated liquid that penetrates deep to replenish the natural oils of your leather fibers and should be used sparingly. Leather Care Spray is easy to use for a quick clean and nourishment. Just spray some onto your cloth, wipe on, wait a minute and wipe off. With each product you'll be preserving your fine leather for a long, and supple life. Our Blue Detail Sponge is the perfect applicator for Leather Care and the Green Micro Fiber Interior Cloths work best with the Leather Care Spray. 35 ounce bottle does not include Finest Sprayer.

#11082 - 35 oz $24.99
#11040 - 8 oz $9.99

 Carpet Cleaner
Concentrated Carpet Cleaner Is Excellent For Removing Stubborn Stains
Chain this product to your big block that's on the engine stand in your garage... otherwise your significant other will steal it and use it throughout the house! Griot's Garage Carpet Cleaner removes oil, grease, dirt, blood, wine, coffee and most substances that stain or get your automobile, trunk or home carpet dirty. Pure as the driven snow, it contains no dyes or perfumes that can transfer color. The choice for any stain you have. 35 Ounce bottle does not include Finest Sprayer. Our money-saving Carpet Cleaner Kit includes 35 ounces Carpet Cleaner, Finest Sprayer, Carpet Cleaning Brush and ten 19" x 19" 100% Cotton Buffing Cloths.

#11270 - 35 oz $9.99
# 11268 - 8 oz $4.99
#11272 - Gallon $29.99
  Leather Rejuvenator, 8 Ounces
Leather Rejuvenator For Neglected Interiors
Leather hides that have been neglected for years can still be saved with Leather Rejuvenator. Typical lanolin-based leather conditioners have trouble reaching the leather's deep fibers. Lea
ther Rejuvenator contains natural penetrating oils that nourish these deep fibers, restoring your leather's suppleness. An excellent choice for neglected, vat-dyed leather. For spray-on dyed leather, let Leather Rejuvenator soak in longer. (Most of the leather's pores are sealed by the dye.) Highly concentrated so a small amount goes a long way. Best if applied with our Blue Detail Sponge.
 #11141 $12.99
  Leather, New Car, or Vanilla Scent
Refreshing Car Scents Will Make You Feel Like You Have A New Car
If your interior isn't smelling like a new car anymore, it could be those bean burritos, drive-thru French fries, or maybe your dog has been smoking your fine Cuban cigars again. Here are three wonderful scents to freshen the air. The Leather Car Scent is great; it actually smells like leather! Our New Car or Vanilla Scents offer a fresh, natural air to your vehicle and will bring back that wonderful smell when your vehicle was new. The scent lasts about a week with just a couple sprays under each seat. I saturate a small sponge and place it under the seat near an air vent so the wonderful smell flows throughout the cabin. Spray a little in your vacuum before you turn it on.

#11150 - $6.99
  Window Cleaner
You, Too, Can Have Crystal Clear Windows And Mirrors
Perfectly clean, haze-free glass. A simple thing that makes driving safe and fun, but not always easy to achieve. Perfectly clean windows also allow your windows to "defrost" much quicker. Window Cleaner contains no dyes, perfumes, or any other chemicals to contaminate your window surface. This is very important, as contaminants contribute to hazing! When used with our lint free towels, or Micro Fiber Window Cloths there is not another system that will give you a cleaner, clearer, lint-free view. Period.

#11108 - 35 oz $6.99
#11110 - Gallon $19.99
   Window Cleaner Set
A Window And Surface Cleaning System For All Of Those Hard-To-Reach Areas
Having clean windows is a pet peeve of mine. Getting to some of the corners and edges on the inside of my windshield and rear window requires the arms of an octopus and advanced yoga moves! Just slip the bonnet over the sturdy padded holding system, spray our Window Cleaner on the bonnet and boom! Ultra-clean windows! The long, comfortable gripping handle allows you to maneuver into even the tightest of areas. You could even add an extension pole. Remote surfaces of your glass can finally be cleaned. Also great for wood furniture, countertops or metal surfaces in your home. Three thick, washable bonnets are included in the set. One Micro Fiber, one Terry Micro Fiber and one Nylon Mesh for really dirty surfaces. Now window cleaning can be fun!

#90247 - $22.99
  Glass Polish, 8 Ounces
Remove Water Spots & Calcium Deposits With Our Glass Polishes And See What You've Been Missing!
My pursuit for perfection led me to develop these glass polishes. Fine Glass Polish is for mild spots you normally see on your windshield, sunroof and side glass. Spots that are visible but hard to feel with your fingernails. For water spots that normally occur on shower doors and that you can feel with your fingernails, we've introduced Glass Polish. It has more polishing compounds for heavily calcified deposits. Use either one periodically and your wipers will last longer! Both products may be used by hand with our Cotton Polishing Pads or with our Random Orbital Polishing System and Glass Polishing Pads. With our Random Orbital you'll be amazed how fast your glass gets clean. Enjoy crystal clear perfection.

#11063 - 8 oz $12.99
#11017 fine glass $15.99
  Bumper & Trim Reconditioner, 4 Ounces
Bumper & Trim Reconditioning Dye... My All Time Favorite For Making Old Tired Parts Look New Again
This product is the easiest way to bring back your faded black plastic bumpers to their original color. Applies easily with the built-in foam-tip applicator which means you don't have to mask off the painted areas of your car when using this product. It permanently dyes vinyl and rubber trim, bringing it back to a new appearance. Use on bumpers, side molding, tires, mirror housings, door handles, spoilers and faded engine parts. For better results use our Rubber Prep first to remove oil, grease and old vinyl dressings. You're gonna love this.

#11183 $12.99
  Black Vinyl Top Reconditioner, 8 Ounces
Make Your Black Vinyl Convertible Top Look New Again!
Your faded and tired looking "drop-top" can look "drop dead gorgeous" in thirty minutes with our Black Vinyl Top Reconditioner. Simply clean the vinyl first with our Interior Cleaner, then pour a small amount of gel onto the included applicator (so you don't get your hands stained with black dye), and apply evenly to the entire surface. Now step back and smile at your much improved top. The 8 ounce bottle will treat 3 to 4 convertible tops. This product is not for interiors, so don't even think about it.

#11183 $14.99
   Undercarriage Spray
A Fast And Easy Way To Keep Messy Wheel Wells Looking Like They Are Brand New
It's a messy job detailing your wheel wells, frame, springs, and all of the other black items underneath the body. Undercarriage Spray can hide dirty spots and discoloration between black parts, and enhance many chassis items. Just a little detailer's trick when you can't reach an area to clean or don't have the time to scrub down your undercarriage. Use it after a good wheel well scrubbing and it is even better. Sound eccentric? It's not. It's just taking care of the details. Little effort, big results! 35 ounce bottle does not include Finest Sprayer.

#11138 - 35 oz $13.99
#11139 - Gallon $39.99
 Engine Cleaner
Keep Your Engine Bay Well Detailed, Free Of Dirt & Grease
My engine bay is usually very clean, but I make sure it's spotless before I take my car in for any kind of major service. I've been told by more than one mechanic that extra care and attention is given to cars with detailed engines. Selling your car? Nothing gives a potential buyer greater confidence than a clean engine bay. Engine Cleaner helps loosen and break up grease, grime and engine gunk. For really oily/greasy engines try our Oil & Grease Cleaner first. 35 ounce bottle does not include Foaming Finest Sprayer.

#11156 - 35 oz $9.99
#11158 - Gallon $24.99
  Oil and Grease Cleaner, 35 Ounces
Environmentally Safe, Biodegradable Oil & Grease Cleaner
Do oil spots on your driveway drive you nuts? Me too. Spray this cleaner on the spot, let it sit and rinse the spot away. The stain is gone! It naturally breaks down and cleans oil and grease from most surfaces and materials. Perfect on any water-safe surface. This cleaner has no harmful VOC's, has a neutral pH and has no petroleum based ingredients. With alkaline cleaners you risk bleaching, fading and damage not to mention the hazardous risks to your health and the environment. This is a perfect pre-cleaner for your garage floor before you paint it with our Non-Lifting Floor Paint. Also great for engine compartments, pressure washers and clothing (yes, just spot treat oil stained clothes before you throw them in the wash). Great around the home too. Do yourself and the environment a favor while eliminating oil and grease spots. 35 ounce bottle does not include Finest Sprayer.

#11046 - $12.99
  Surface Cleaner
Surface Cleaner, The Power Of Orange
For years many of our customers have asked for a cleaner they can use around their garage and home. After lots of testing in my own garage and home (man is my place spotless), I'm thrilled to bring you something new that I know you'll love to use. Surface Cleaner captures the cleaning power of natural orange cleaner. Specially formulated as a general use cleaner on surfaces ranging from painted or tiled floors to work surfaces and cabinets. You can also use Surface Cleaner on a wide range of surfaces around your home including ceramics, stone, painted surfaces like gutters, doors, window frames and metal. Get yourself a couple bottles because you'll want one in the garage and one under the kitchen counter. A great companion with this cleaner are our Yellow Scrubbing Pads and Tim's Dirty Spots Wipe Down Towel. 35 ounce bottle does not include Finest Sprayer.

#15939 - 35 oz $8.99
#15941 - Gallon $26.99
#15937 - 8 oz $4.99
  Micro Fiber & Foam Pad Cleaner
Increase The Life And Revitalize Your Micro Fiber Cloths & Foam Pads With This Powerful Cleaner
Over time, micro fiber towels collect and hold on to wax residue, polishes, Speed Shine®, Spray-On Wax and other detail products that can decrease their effectiveness. You'll also notice your towels won't absorb as well and aren't as soft as they used to be. Micro Fiber & Foam Pad Cleaner releases and removes these residues to restore your towels to their original effectiveness. Add 2-4 ounces when you launder your Micro Fiber towels and cloths (wash separately from other laundry). To clean your pads, spray the cleaner on the pad, let it soak in and then rinse with warm water. The best way to preserve your Micro Fiber detailing cloths and foam applicator pads.

#11078 - 35 oz $12.99
#11056 - 16 oz $9.99
#11067 - Gallon $34.99


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