Got to go right now


?Incontinence hot line; hold please.? One of the most challenging issues on a caravan is the forced pit stop.  When nature calls, nature calls.  This became apparent from the very first trip.  While average speed is essential in our forward progress, comfort cannot be overlooked.

The well orchestrated caravan takes several dry runs.  Literally.  Any first time caravan cannot be expected to perform up to the level of the caravan driving up from Houston.

Trial and error, unfortunately, forged the precision that permits participants to drop out at any time and rejoin the group at one of the predetermined points ahead.  Radios have also played an important role in keeping everyone informed of other?s urges.

As time passed, one glaring point stood out: intake is directly related to expulsion.  This means that if one drinks too often or too much, more stops are inevitable.  What one drinks also contributes to this formula.  Coffee is a diuretic.  Consider the options.  Is staying awake or alert more important than relying on one?s own sense of direction or ability to run alone and watch for speed traps?

Timing is everything.  To drink early knowing that there will be opportunities in the next couple hours leaves some margin for error.  Know thine self can be practiced weeks in advance of the event.  Have your routine polished before throwing yourself into the breech. 

Abstinence, of course, is a sure fire method, but like many other endeavors; it is not always the most fun or comfortable.  As a back up, carry a bottle of water and moisten your mouth at predetermined intervals.  This could spell the difference between keeping your ?rocking chair? status and being forced to brave the highway all by yourself.

Should you find yourself nearing the next stop with that bloated, about to explode feeling, craftily maneuver your way toward the front of the pack, not to fuel first, but rather to park and empty your tank before filling the Porsche?s.  Remember this only works if several participants have not read this material.  Also remember, no fly-bys and no passing the leader.  He may be having the same urge, but fear not; he?ll always take care of his Porsche first.

A quick anecdotal story from a very early trip had two females riding in consecutive Porsche experiencing this exact urge at the same time.  The two Porsche's were on Arkansas 7 at the time.  One of the differences between men and women is that facilities are unlimited to any man in the great outdoors.  Women, on the other hand, require the same type of facility as found in urban areas.

After Lafayette, New Orleans became host to the Ozark Tour.  Two femme fatales accompanied their husbands on this new adventure.  They were driving southbound on AR 7 when the urge hit them.  The roads in those days were much more desolate than today.  After an extended period of rocks and trees, our ladies grew more impatient and very uncomfortable.

Finally, they could stand no more.  The Porsches pulled to the side of the road and our two heroines made their way into the underbrush.  This of course provided their male companions with the perfect opportunity for a photo shoot.  Adding insult to injury struck not once, but twice. 

Once back in the Porsches, but feeling much better, the tiny caravan proceeded.  As luck would have it, not two hundred yards down the road, just around the next bend; there was a roadside rest stop complete with facilities.

So many of these stories can only be true, as a script would only prove to be too unbelievable.    

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