Meet Your Momentum Porsche Team

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  • Mack Albukhari
    General Manager

    Thank you for visiting  We are extremely proud of our professional and knowledgeable staff.  We invite you in to our store to experience the difference.

  • Chidi Amadi
    Porsche Brand Ambassador

    I have been with Porsche 11 years. I am passionate about Porsche engineering. I am consumer, Porsche is a craft. The relationship between sales people and consumers is very natural. I have worked for sonic 12 years. There is no substitute. 

  • Greg Jones
    Sales Manager

    I've been in the auto industry since 2001 all with Sonic Automotive, been with Porsche since 2014. I'm very passionate of the Porsche brand. I look forwarded to meeting you at Momentum Porsche to assist you with your auto needs. "ITS ALL ABOUT THE RELATIONSHIP"

  • Jack McCall
    Porsche Brand Ambassador

    I have 37 years of experience with Porsche. I've been with Momentum for 18 years. One and half years National Sales Trainer with Porsche Cars North America. The other years were spent managing Porsche Dealerships. In management, I placed 4 stores in the top ten of the country, 3 of which made premier dealers.

  • Ramzi Reda
    Porsche Brand Ambassador

    My name is Ramzi Reda. I've been with Sonic Automotive for a short time, however I am enjoying every minute of it. My position is interesting because I am around some of the most beautiful cars in the world. What I like most about my job is that I can share Porsche with everyone.

  • Lena Stoute

    My name is Lena Stoute and my journey with Sonic Automotive began at the Momentum Jaguar, Volvo, Land Rover location in 2017. I have just made the transition to the Porsche location, which is somewhat of a welcome home, as this was my first Sonic Automotive store I worked in 2006-2009. I love being at this company because the employees are like family and the atmosphere is very warm and welcoming.

  • Sara Rosales

  • Jeffrey Lombardo
    Porsche Brand Ambassador

    My name is Jeffrey Lombardo and I have been in the Luxury Automobile industry for 35 years.  My favorite part of my job is to introduce and assist new clients to the Porsche brand. My goal is to provide our customers an excellent experience.

  • Ghaleb Reda
    Sales Manager

    I have been at Momentum Porsche for two week as Sales Manager. I have been in the automobile industry for the past 5 years. Giving our customers the best service possible is our daily duty. The thing I love most about the Brand is keeping a great value for that amazing Brand Name "Porsche".

  • Richard (Trae) Smullen
    Porsche Brand Ambassador

      • I've been a part of the greater VW Group on the retail and manufacturer side for 11 years.  I've joined the Porsche brand 3 months ago. 
      • Automotive represents mobility, and is a critical part of life here in Houston.  I enjoy working with people and helping them move their lives into a car. 
      • There is something truly amazing about a Porsche.  Whether I am dealing with someone replacing another Porsche, or introducing someone to the brand for the first time, there is a great reaction people have with the products.
      • Three months
      • I enjoy hearing about what my customers do and sharing the Porsche experience with them.

  • Alison Hickman
    Service Advisor

    Alison has been employed with Sonic Automotive for 6 years. She's been with Momentum Porsche for the past year. She loves being a woman in this industry because there are very few women here.  She loves passing on her knowledge to her clients making sure they fully understand the problems they're having with their vehicle and what needs to be done to repair it and solve the problems. 

  • Kuruvilla Mathew
    Service Advisor

    An experienced and passionate automobile professional with over 6 years' experience, coming from a family car business background in India, and a passion for cars passed on from my race-driver father.   Associated with the Sonic group for over 2 years, I enjoy working in the ultra-modern automotive servicing and maintenance division of Porsche, a life-long dream. The greatest job satisfaction is serving the exclusive Porsche customers by providing the best service in a professional manner and ensuring full customer satisfaction with a smile.

  • Ryan Rodriguez
    Service Advisor

  • Bill Raifsnyder
    Porsche Parts Specialist

    I have been working at Porsche since 1978.
    My passion about working in the automotive industry is because I love Cars. My favorite part about working at Porsche is THE CARS!! I have been a part of the Sonic Automotive Group since 1996. What I love most about my job at Porsche is that it's DIFFERENT EVERY DAY.

  • Roy Haley
    Parts Director

    I have been with Porsche for 1 year. I'm a car guy and enjoy being around quality automobiles. Every day I look forward to working with a great team at Momentum Porsche. I have been a part of the Sonic family since 2005. A Porsche is a true enthusiast's car.

  • Shane Slement
    Parts Sales

    I have been with Porsche 13 years. I've always been a gear head and big into racing so it fits. My favorite part of my job is working with the older cars and my co-workers. I've been with Sonic automotive for 13 years now. The best part of my job at Porsche is the cars and the success Porsche has on the track.

  • Jonathan Scott
    Service Manager

  • Oscar Quintanilla
    Service Advisor

    I've been at Momentum Porsche for 5 months. My main passion about cars is that they can be modified to match someone's personality. My favorite part about Porsche is the motor sport history and horsepower these vehicles make. I've been a part of Sonic Automotive for 6 months. I love working with people that are passionate about their vehicles.

  • Darold Shelton
    Shop Foreman

    I have been with Porsche for 41 years. I have been worked Momentum Porsche for 20 years. I love the product and have seen many changes over past years. I enjoy meeting people in my job and helping customers along with employees. I have always enjoyed working with my hands and what a great product we service, along with a fantastic company.  

  • Shawn Sharp Jr.
    Service Advisor

    I have been with Porsche since May 15th, 2018. I have been in the automotive field since I was 19 years old, and my passion is to deliver the best customer service to my clients. What I enjoy most about working here at Momentum Porsche, is the amount of knowledge our team has, and the like minded goal of ensuring all of our clients leave here with a smile on their face. 

  • Thelma Crider
    Customer Relations

    I have been employed with Sonic Automotive since May of 2015 at Momentum Jaguar, Range Rover and Volvo. I transferred to Porsche October 30, 2017. I like working at Porsche because it's a difference atmosphere than what I've experienced before. The customers stop by to say hello as if they're visiting their family. I'm a people person, and enjoy meeting and greeting our clients with a warm friendly smile.

  • Daniella Nino-Moreno
    Client Experience Manager

    I'm new in the car business. I have been working for Sonic Automotive dealership at momentum Porsche since August 2017 as a loaner coordinator. I definitely have a passion for sport cars so I am glad to be part of this company. The thing I like most about my job at Momentum is that I get to deal with different kinds of customers and cultures.

  • Piche Encarnacion
    Sales Porter

    New Car Porter. I have been employed with sonic Automotive since February 2003 at Momentum Porsche. I love and enjoy what I do.

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