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Wonder Why Your Engine is Overheating?

One of the fastest ways to destroy your engine is to allow her to overheat. If your instrument panel is telling you that your engine is getting too hot, it’s important to understand why.

There are many causes for an engine overheating. It is usually because one of the systems responsible for cooling the engine area has failed. This includes the thermostat housing, the head gasket, as well as the radiator. 

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Understanding Gaskets, Preventing Breakdowns

Gaskets are an often-misunderstood but vital part of a vehicle’s performance. In Houston, one of the biggest causes of breakdowns are blown or failed gaskets. What are they, what are they made of, and what they do?

Gaskets are a seal intended to keep air and liquids separated so they don’t mix, escape or get into where they don’t belong. They’re made of layers of flexible, belted metal (copper/steel) with a tough outer coating. 

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Is it Time to Replace Your Headlights?

Your headlights are a part of your vehicle that require ongoing maintenance. So does the rest of your vehicle, like your oil, your tires and your brakes. Maintenance of your headlights is actually very simple and when done periodically, you will be able to see better when you drive and you will be more visible to other vehicles that are on the road around you. When you bring your vehicle in to the Momentum Porsche auto service shop, there are a number of items we will address when we service your headlights. This includes:

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How Important are Your Car's Filters?

Similar to how the filter in your home's heating and cooling system screen out dust and dirt particles, the filters in your car help it run better and clear the air you breathe. The passenger cabin air filters are in place inside the vehicle to screen the air that is passed through the heating or cooling system. Treated air is stripped of dirt particles and allergens so the air in the cabin is as clean as it can be.

The engine air filters perform an important job in the engine. Air that is fed to the motor has to…

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Reasons Your Tire Pressure Light Illuminates

When you are driving through Houston and you notice that your tire pressure light has suddenly become illuminated, there are a couple of reasons that might have happened. The rather obvious reason that the light has come on means that you are losing air from one or more of your tires. Generally, when the light comes on, it can either be that there is a leak, or that the tire is worn to the point where the treads are simply not holding air in as well as they used to.

Climate changes from very cold to very warm and vice…

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Pay Attention to Your Exhaust System

You do not want to drive around with an exhaust system that is failing to do its job. If your exhaust system is leaking, it may not be taking the harmful gases away from your engine in the way that it is meant to.

Your exhaust system might be leaking if you are hearing weird noises when your engine is running. Hissing or popping noises could be an issue. If you notice that you are not getting the gas mileage that you usually do when driving about in Houston, Texas, this could be a sign of an exhaust system that…

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How to Permanently Seal Your Headlight Cleaning Project

After you have cleaned your headlight lens, you need to seal your work, or you will be returning to the project the next year. While removing the layer of damaged plastic cures the opacity, you have another step you must take to ensure your work lasts well into the future.

Find yourself a container of UV-resistant clear coat. After you have finished removing the opacity from your headlight, use some rubbing alcohol to clean off any oils your hands may have left on the headlight. Let the headlight dry for five minutes and then apply your first of four coats…

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Safety Measures Help Prevent a Tire Blowout

Because your tires are a critical element to driving safely, it’s important that you take measures to avoid a blowout. A tire blowout typically occurs without any warning and usually at higher rates of speed while driving on the highway. That is because the high heat that is produced affects any vulnerability within the tire.

You can avoid a tire blowout by always maintaining the correct air pressure in your tires as determined by the manufacturer. It’s a wise decision to have an air pressure gauge located in your glove box for easy access and convenience. 

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How Does Synthetic Oil Help Engines?

Synthetic oil has a lower viscosity rating than conventional oil and flows more easily through engines. Conventional crude oil-based motor oil was frequently used at 10W-40 viscosity, which has been lowered to 5W-30 and even 5W-20. Synthetic oil also maintains its integrity at higher temperatures and for longer periods of time than conventional oil.

The lower viscosity of synthetic oil increases lubricating ability and can improve fuel economy by helping the engine operate with less friction. 

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Drive of Your Life

Help Momentum Porsche Save a Life +


We have partnered with Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center and will be hosting their mobile unit at our dealership.

Please click here to schedule your free appointment.

Any questions, please contact our Blood Drive coordinator Dawn Harvey -
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