Understanding Gaskets, Preventing Breakdowns

Gaskets are an often-misunderstood but vital part of a vehicle’s performance. In Houston, one of the biggest causes of breakdowns are blown or failed gaskets. What are they, what are they made of, and what they do?

Gaskets are a seal intended to keep air and liquids separated so they don’t mix, escape or get into where they don’t belong. They’re made of layers of flexible, belted metal (copper/steel) with a tough outer coating. Gaskets exist in many parts of vehicles, including but not limited to: oil pan gaskets (keeping oil in the pan while the crankshaft moves), the cylinder head gaskets (filling the gap between the head and the engine bock), and of course, the intake/exhaust manifold gaskets (keeping air from escaping and maintaining temperatures).

Gaskets show failure when the coating is cracked or discolored, flexibility is being lost, gaps are appearing or buildup is occurring. It’s easy to reduce these by changing fluids regularly and keeping fresh oil in the vehicle. We want to show you more about gasket safety and other ways to keep your vehicle reliably on the road, so come pay us a visit at our auto service and repair center today for more!

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