How to Permanently Seal Your Headlight Cleaning Project

After you have cleaned your headlight lens, you need to seal your work, or you will be returning to the project the next year. While removing the layer of damaged plastic cures the opacity, you have another step you must take to ensure your work lasts well into the future.

Find yourself a container of UV-resistant clear coat. After you have finished removing the opacity from your headlight, use some rubbing alcohol to clean off any oils your hands may have left on the headlight. Let the headlight dry for five minutes and then apply your first of four coats of clearcoat.

Apply evenly in a thin coat by using a dry cloth. Let the clearcoat dry for five minutes between the three to four coats. Let dry for a day before adding a layer of polish.

Come to Momentum Porsche to get a container of UV-resistant clearcoat, or let our auto service professionals handle your headlight maintenance.

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