How Does Synthetic Oil Help Engines?

Synthetic oil has a lower viscosity rating than conventional oil and flows more easily through engines. Conventional crude oil-based motor oil was frequently used at 10W-40 viscosity, which has been lowered to 5W-30 and even 5W-20. Synthetic oil also maintains its integrity at higher temperatures and for longer periods of time than conventional oil.

The lower viscosity of synthetic oil increases lubricating ability and can improve fuel economy by helping the engine operate with less friction. Synthetic oil also protects engines by flowing more quickly in cold weather and maintaining its lubricating qualities in hot temperatures. With average engine operating temperatures of 235 degrees Fahrenheit, synthetic oil performs well.

Our service department at Momentum Porsche includes technicians who can tell you about the benefits of synthetic oil. Stop by the dealership, conveniently located in Houston, and we'll gladly meet your needs.

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