Your headlights are a part of your vehicle that require ongoing maintenance. So does the rest of your vehicle, like your oil, your tires and your brakes. Maintenance of your headlights is actually very simple and when done periodically, you will be able to see better when you drive and you will be more visible to other vehicles that are on the road around you. When you bring your vehicle in to the Momentum Porsche auto service shop, there are a number of items we will address when we service your headlights. This includes:

  • Removing the headlights and cleaning this area to remove dirt, debris, road salt, etc.
  • We will replace burnt out bulbs if need be
  • We can upgrade your bulb selection if you feel you would benefit from something whiter or brighter
  • We can re-position your headlights to better light the road in front of you

Stop in today so we can help you with your routine maintenance!

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