The Meaning of Automotive Warning Lights

Car designs have greatly improved compared to the first models that were produced. Moreover, the amount of electronic input has also risen to greater levels meant for the smooth running of your vehicle. For proper maintenance, manufacturers fix dashboard lights for communication purposes so that your expensive asset can serve you for elongated periods. Some of the common lights that you will find include:
  • Oil Change Reminder: When you see these light activated on your dashboard, you are simply being cautioned to change the vehicle's oil. It is an indication that the engine oil has expired.
  • Gas Cap: This is a check light that blinks whenever the gas cap is loosely closed. You should address this matter promptly as it can illuminate the check engine light.
If your vehicle’s dashboard has any of the lights mentioned above illuminated, don’t worry, since our professionally trained staff at Momentum Porsche will assist you whenever you are within Houston, TX.
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