Windshield Wiper Fluid: More Important Than You May Realize

As far as critical fluids in your vehicle go, it can be very easy to overlook your windshield wiper fluid as one of them. If you have ever really needed windshield wiper fluid and found yourself with an empty reservoir, then you understand why it is so important to keep a healthy supply under the hood of your car, truck, or SUV.

If you really stop and think about what your windshield wiper fluid does for you, then it becomes clear as to why it is so important. Your wiper fluid is what cleans your windshield on the fly for you, which allows you to properly see the road ahead. So in a sense, your wiper fluid can be considered a safety item.

At some point, you have probably found yourself driving toward the setting sun with a dirty windshield and experienced the difficulty of seeing when all that gunk gets illuminated by the sun. It seriously impedes your vision. If you are in need of a top off, come and visit our service department here at Momentum Porsche here in Houston, TX and let us give you a quick fluid top off so that you can be sure to see where you're going!

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