2012 Ozark Update; #3 - by Jack McCall

West Texas participants are packing their saddle bags as we speak.  Currently 15 Porsches are preparing for the, "Wagons, Ho," and "westbound and down."  Any last second interest is certainly welcome to join as long as we can secure the accommodations.
The April Ozark tour is up to 8 and should end up in the 12 to 15 range.  A group this size is not only more manageable, but the numbers allow an opportunity to get to know everyone. 
The weather for the past two spring trips has been gorgeous, but even with the rain we experienced in the fall; there was still plenty of time to drive.  The only drawback to the past spring trips has been the tree pollen that coated the Porsches within minutes after washing them.
This trip is also offered on an abbreviated basis for those who can't be gone for a week.  Please check your calendars.  I hold fewer rooms for this trip, so commit as soon as you can.
Some of you who couldn't make the fall trip indicated that the spring might present a better opportunity.
It looks like the fall trips will see more participation in November and better colors in October.  The November trip will include a special celebration marking our twentieth anniversary with Big Cedar.  We may actually be their longest running group.  It's hard to say as we predate their computer system. 
For planning purposes, it really helps me to have participants signed up early.  If it's not an inconvenience, I ask that you send in your registration forms.  Thank you for your cooperation and continued support for this unique experience.   
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