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Form Follow Function

A long standing principle of Porsche design is that form follows function.  How many pretenders add phony scoops and go fast looking design elements to hint at power that probably isn't real either?  A rare exception for Porsche may have been the 996 C4S that kept the Turbo's intercooler slats when it borrowed the wide body sans intercoolers.
Surprisingly, an example of form following function today comes from the Panamera.  The Panamera, a clean sheet design, makes a very bold and independent statement. It could have gone the route of the competition by eliminating head room in the…
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Ozark Update

Fall trip Nov. 6 thru Nov. 11, or Oct. 23 thru Oct. 28. 

I do have some rooms remaining and will continue to take registrations as long as I can get rooms. 

The trip shirts are in and available in advance, or will be handed out on the first night at Mt. Magazine.  The prerequisite for a shirt is a completed waiver.  This year's shirt is a diversion from the black shirts we've had for the past several years.

For those of you with scheduling conflicts, I can create custom packages for the October trip and possibly a…
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