Sensory Overload

Going for a ride is almost a lost art.  When was the last time you recall truly enjoying hour after hour of driving just for the fun of it?  Finding the right environment to challenge a high performance vehicle is typically limited to a race track.  Race tracks provide a relatively safe environment for spirited driving.  Should you miss a turn, there is generally a safe run off area.  Turns are repeated allowing for familiarity, and cars move at similar speeds in one direction with very limited access.  Race tracks are wonderful venues, but sometimes prove to be a bit intimidating to the uninitiated and tend to be harsh on machinery.

Road driving imposes new challenges.  Every turn is different, vehicles are moving in both directions with almost unlimited access from either side.  Speed limits create awareness, and blind turns and crests must be dealt with as a "worst case scenario" not with "blind faith".  Finding an empty road with today's vehicle population can also be a challenge.

Successful road trips are an art form.  They are the synchronization of entertaining roads, disciplined drivers, and over engineered vehicles.  Jack McCall has found the combination that affords a truly unique driving experience.  This past year marked the 27th annual Ozark Tour (a road trip for Porsches).  This trip was originally inspired by Car and Driver's Ten Best Roads (January 1983).  Participants drove Porsches then and still do.

Porsche owners are an eclectic group who truly enjoy their cars, as well as their lives.  While youth may be wasted on the young, Porsche offers a wonderful chance for redemption.  Imagine a fountain of youth magically striking every cord, a veritable sensory overload (the five senses are pulling as many revolutions per minute as the engines).  These Porsche drivers employ the art of stealth driving (a technique focusing on safety, anonymity, and prudent aggression).

Porsche offers the perfect solution as an over-engineered, dependable sports car.  The reliability, the performance, and the mystique all combine to showcase German engineering at its finest.  Superior braking and handling have saved the day more than once.  "Porsche, there is no substitute!"

This formula for success is further expanded by fabulous resorts and food that justifies a few extra pounds.  Trial and error, several errors, have created strict driving rules which ensure both safety and pleasure.  Drivers and Porsche models are segregated by ability, performance, and passenger's tolerance.  Pecking orders are then formed within the groups to further enhance the driving experience as well as the group's safety.

Roller coaster roads, scenes to fill a photo album, great food, spectacular accommodations, and fellow enthusiasts contribute to the delight of Porsche owners.  Davy Jones of Le Mans fame commented on never realizing how much fun road driving could be.  Denise McCluggage of racing and writing fame (AutoWeek), found the rhythm of the roads to be magical.

One cannot begin to imagine the thrill of going for a drive in a Porsche on these perfect roads.  The formula is therapeutic.  Cares disappear as the challenge of concentrating on the task at hand becomes paramount.  The journey becomes an escape.  The requisite becomes prudence (the knowledge of where courage ends and stupidity begins).
It all starts with your commitment to enjoy your Porsche. 

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